Welcome to Green Hills

Welcome to Green Hills


Passionately motivated by innovation and dedication, ADFICO has been infusing the local and international market with a diversified number of products.

ADFICO specializes in manufacturing white label products. ADFICO has manufactured for various international and regional brands with a guarantee of persistence, efficiency, and quality.

Over 250 Delicious & Tasty

Our Board Members

  • Faisal Al- Bashiti

    Faisal Al- Bashiti

  • Ghazi Al-Bashiti

    Ghazi Al-Bashiti

    Board Member
  • Jamel Anz

    Jamel Anz

    Board Member
  • Ayat Al Hunaiti

    Ayat Al Hunaiti

    Board Member
  • Amjad Al Basha

    Amjad Al Basha

    Board Member